Where is the Plant/lawn Care Industry Going?

Pesticide use in the United States has come under heavy fire lately.  At Hickory, we have never been a large advocate of pesticide usage and apply only when the need arises.  We would like to move away from pesticides all together, but we do feel there is a place for pesticides on a certain level.  In order to not depend on pesticides as much; shrubs, trees, perennials, annuals, and lawns will have to be grown in an environment that will make them less susceptible to insect, disease, and drought damage.  How do we do this?

1) Proper soil analysis.

2) This will allow us to see what the plant is actually lacking for nutrients and organic matter.

3) The products we currently use were developed by Plant Health Care.  Most of these products are naturally derived and can provide better root growth for all plants/trees and many times can prolong the life of a fairly sick tree or shrub.  Please call or e-mail to inquire about our shrub, tree, and turf programs.

“Caring for your property is one thing, but caring for it in an environmentally sound way is another.”